Upcycle Bazaar

King County Circular Economy

Upcycle Bazaar Event – CHOMP! 2017 & 2018

The ask:

King County and Artist Home (Doe Bay Festival, Timber, Folk Life) asked us to create an “Upcycle Bazaar” program for their 1 day, sustainable living and music festival called, CHOMP!



What exactly is “upcycling”?  We realized upcycling was unclear in most of our research.



Most people were unclear on what upcycling was.  Our solution found us: The Circular Economy.



An important learning was the discover of the design thinking done around the Circular Economy by IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It encapsulated schools of thought like upcycling, cradle to cradle, biomimimicry  and regenerative design and puts them into one a simple metaphor – linear economies vs circular economies. One of the tools used to help aid with this systems’ shift of linear vs circular, is a diagram called the “butterfly diagram”. (See below for visual).

We used the butterfly diagram and IDEO’s open source circular economy toolkit www.circulardesignguide.com in the process of creating the Upcycle Bazaar to give more structure around upcycling as a concept.



Our goal:

How may we encourage a shared language around regenerative, circular economies in King County and beyond?